Activities of EKA-Consulting

We are Able to Comply with the Following Services:

  •         Investment Projects
  •          Production Planning
  •          Procurement and Purchase Support
  •          Supervision of Welding /Welding Specialist Engineers
  •          Development Projects
  •          Sales Management Support
  •          Import and Export Advice and Support
  •          Project Coordination
  •          Trade Fair Support at Home and abroad

Investment projects

If you are going to make new investments and you have not the capacity and competent specialists, we are the right partner. We offer you the right solutions and approaches for your projects.

As an example: we can obtain for you the complete: 


"Equipment Planning and Procurement"


We proceed systematically from the acquisition phase to the implementation phase. After our commitment and our activities have been defined, we start with your project.

You always get the overview of the project status by project plan including milestones.

In addition, we can do weekly status reports. Within these, you get the necessary overview of the whole course of the project.

The reports will be documented and transferred to you. This will set up the basis for your decisions .Once you have made your decision, we will define further steps according to your wishes and demands. Finally we hand over a fully completed project to you.

 Paint cabin

We are looking forward to get in contact with you.

Production planning

You want to increase your production capacity? Eliminate capacity bottlenecks? Redefine system usage planning? Reduce scrap? Setup-times reducing (SMED)? Apply POKA-YOKE ? You need for one of these projects competent professionals?

Many years of experience and our commitments in different projects make us to your professionally competent partners. After our commitment and our activities have been defined, we can make an analysis of weak points or MUDA-analysis to show you up your potentials. We plan improvements, sensitize your employees to allow savings.

For new projects, we proceed here systematically and eliminate already wastes and bottlenecks in advance. You can get always the overview and the progress of the project through our documentation.

We are working with your departments hand in hand and we can also lead the project. We will develop solutions corresponding to your requirements and offer you as a basis for decision-making. You ultimately decide the course of the project.Of course, each production planning is unique. Therefore for further questions we are looking forward to get in contact with you.

We are looking forward to get in contact with you.

Procurement and purchase support

Do you need temporary and competent support in purchasing?

We are your partner due to our previous projects, when your purchase process needs to be supported .


·         raising awareness of existing suppliers

·         seeking new suppliers

·         assisting in the qualification of the suppliers.

Our international project experience offer us contacts with international suppliers.If you previously had contacts with any foreign suppliers we can guarantee savings as a result.

If you already work with international suppliers, we can actively support you in your projects. We can prove the intercultural competence for international projects. We are very well prepared for this and know how to deal with the different mentalities. Because of this, the contact to the supplier is very easy for us.


We are looking forward to get in contact with you.

Development projects

You need for your construction department support? You have construction projects and need a civil engineer? Do you need structural and welding specialist engineers certificates in a person with IWE and EWE? You want parts of your project out-sourcing?

We can offer everything from designers, civil engineers to complete constructions.

We can offer you a design engineer. You need the expert support in the field of mechanical engineering, so we can give you contact to our partners.


   We are looking forward to get in contact with you.

Sales management support


You have difficult technical products which need explanation? Are you looking for competent partners for international technical sales? You want to a technical support of your customers and do you want obtain new customers in the international market?

Do you need support in the drafting of technical concepts with the customer and preliminary design? You plan the implementation of marketing activities such as fairs and have not the capacity? You want to maintain and organize your contacts from fairs?

We see ourselves as service providers with experience. Whether it is telemarketing, telesales, customer acquisition, and order processing. We support your customers with Declaration of required products. We successfully take over the part from the acquisition to the order process.

If you are only interested in the first contact with potential new customers, so we can offer you this. We will obtain for you the first contact to the possible customers. After our research you can offer your products and services. The benefits are obvious. Your active sales force can focus to the existing customers and thus bring more orders by the existing customers.

We require no commissions from the gain. By simple flat rates per contact, we can promote for you new customers in the international environment. You are keeping the amount of costs and your sales representatives can focus specifically on the interested parties.

We are looking forward to get in contact with you.

Import and Export Advice and Support


You have accepted a job in an international environment and you have not  the capacity to carry out the formalities? You are not familiar with the customs formalities in the exporting country and want more information? you have not the capacity to track the import activities? You have sent the goods in the exporting country but the goods stuck in customs? Do you need a transport company, bringing your goods to the destination safely and cost-effectively?

Depending on your needs we can offer the advisory and the active cooperation. Due to the numerous activities already done in the international environment, it is easy for us to communicate with the respective authorities. We take care of your deliveries and can take over the prosecution of your delivery. You receive a status report from us accordingly. We can support you actively if you have any missing documents.

We are looking forward to get in contact with you.

Project Coordination


A systematic and well-organized approach is indispensable for the successful implementation of your innovations, products and services. Good planning and preparation is very important for the success of the project. According to the German industry norm (DIN 69901):

  • temporary

  • unique

  • Objectives defined in advance

intentions are called "Project". For successful implementation of the projects the project cycle is essential. The Project cycle is divided into following sections:

  • Preparation

  • Project definition 

  • Project planning 

  • Project management 

  • Project completion

We offer appropriate solutions for each of these steps and can support you with our consultative or active participation .

We are looking forward to get in contact with you.

Trade Fair Support at Home and Abroad


You want to take part in national or international fairs and need support? You need a reliable booth builders and Coordinator for international trade fairs? You want to tap the Middle East market and need information about the trade fairs and exhibition dates? You need competent support in each country on your exhibitions?

We can do research for you in advance and get you into contact with reliable booth builders. In addition we can do all applicable paperwork for you to help you with a worry-free exhibit. We coordinate all details according to your wishes (beginning wirh location selection of your booth to the first exhibition day)

We also get into contact with the puplic authorities to relieve the import of your exhibits. For the linguistic and competent support on site, we can provide the contact of our competent patrners

Oto Show Istanbul

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